Nicole Part 1 l Saskatoon Boudoir Photography

Over the next few weeks I’m going to post several sets to help give you a better idea of the different styles of photos you can create with a boudoir session. Sometimes women think that a photographer has only a set style of shots they do or that they’ll have to do photos that are a little more risque than they’re comfortable with, or that their photos won’t be quite as daring as they had hoped.

When you book a session with me we’ll talk in detail to make sure that you get exactly the photos that you want, nothing more and nothing less. I’ll get you to rate what kinds of photos you want from a scale of 1 to 10. 1 is a fun and flirty PJ set where you wouldn’t be showing much skin at all (I have one of these coming up soon on the blog), 5 is what you would see in a Victoria’s Secret catalog and 10 is closer to a Maxim style photo.

So Nicole is a model from Regina who I had a shoot with a few weeks ago and her photos are definitely a 9 or 10 (you’ll see why in part 2 of her post coming up a little later)! I completely respect the privacy of my clients so many women who have created shots just like these aren’t comfortable with having them online so I like to use sets like this from women who are proud to show off a little online!

So enjoy the first few looks from Nicole’s shoot and see even more right here in her slideshow!

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